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Name: [EK] + [ED] + [MS] Asura Palace

 Script Mode: Normal

 Recommended level: EK: 200+ | ED: 200+ | MS: 200+

 Experience per Hour: 600-950k/h

 Profit per Hour: 10 to 90k/h

Optional hunt with 2 chars only: EK+ED Optional hunt with 3 chars: EK+ED+MS
Exeta Res monsters on Mages OPTIONAL Wild Growth around Mages
Vis Hur & Tera Hur options Gran Vis Lux options
Utito Tempo SD & Avalanche Runes
Gran Mas Vis/Frigo options (monsters hp based) EK Exori’s options
Depositer on Depot Boxes Potions/Runes/Items Withdraw from Depot Boxes
Safe Stamina Safe Bank
Haste Mountain Pass Shortcut
Auto Mount Offline Training
Soft Boots Refiller Only Open Valuable Bodies
Choose Valuable Bodies Price Use Extra Backpack
Dwarven Ring Equipper Use Amulets
Amazing HUD by Sirmate And more not listed here…


Knight Healing Druid Healing Sorcerer Healing
Supreme Health Potion Ultimate Mana Potion Ultimate Mana Potion
Ultimate Health Potion Exura Vita Exura Vita
Great Health Potion Exura Gran Exura Gran
Mana Potion Utamo Vita Utamo Vita
Exura Ico Exura Sio “Knight Name”
Exura Gran Ico


Knight Spells Druid Spells Sorcerer Spells
Exori Gran Avalanche Rune (crosshair) Avalanche Rune (crosshair)
Exori Min SD Rune (target) SD Rune (target)
Exori Exori Gran Frigo Exori Gran Vis
Exori Gran Ico Exori Frigo Exori Frigo
Exori Ico Exori Tera Exori Vis
Utito Tempo Exevo Tera Hur Exevo Vis Hur
Exeta Res Exevo Gran Mas Frigo Exori Gran Mas Vis
Utura Gran Wild Growth Rune (crosshair) Exevo Gran Vis Lux
Rope (crosshair) Rope (crosshair) Rope (crosshair)


Make sure to have enough cash in Bank
Hotkey F1-F12
Script Start at Port Hope Depot
Rope on All Chars
Dwarven Ring on All Chars


  • Initial Release