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Name: [EK] + [ED] Lower Roshamuul Softcore

 Script Mode: Normal

 Recommended level: EK – 200+ | ED – 200+

 Experience per Hour: 400-800k/h

 Profit per Hour: 50 to 200k/h

DvScripts Setup Moveable HUDS
Advanced Depositer Advanced Healer
Advanced Targeting Easy to Customize
Safe Bank Safe Stamina Logout
Haste on Spawn Haste on Refill
Auto Mount Safe Area Spell
Offline Training Soft Boots Refiller
Only Open Valuable Bodies Choose Valuable Bodies Price
Use Amulets Use Rings
Hardcore/Softcore Mode Extra Supplies Backpack
Area Spells Exori Gran Ico
Choose Favorite Depot Amazing Loot Counter by Sirmate
Exeta Res System Monsters Luring Amount
Skip Smaller Mobs [Lower than Lure] Destroy Pile of Bones using Pick
Safe Utamo Vita Configurable Exura Sio % on Knight
Amazing HUD by Sirmate And more not listed here…


Knight Healing Druid Healing
Ultimate Health Potion Great Mana Potion
Great Health Potion Exura Gran
Mana Potion Exura Vita
Exura Ico Exura Sio “Knight Name
Exura Gran Ico


Knight Spells Druid Spells
Exori Ico Avalanche Rune
Exori Hur Wild Growth (Crosshair)
Exori Exori Frigo
Exori Min Exori Gran Frigo
Exori Gran Machete (Crosshair)
Utito Tempo
Exori Gran Ico
Exeta Res
Pick (Crosshair)


Cash in Bank
Hotkey F1-F12
Script Start in Depot Gray Island


  • Initial Release