Paypal : 10 USD, PagSeguro : 35 R$, Przelewy24 : 25 PLN
Tibia Coins : 250 TC

Name: Vengoth Castle

 Script Mode: Normal

 Recommended level: 200+

 Experience per Hour: 380-430k/h

 Profit per Hour: 0 to 40k/h

Advanced Depositer Advanced Healer
Advanced Targeting Easy to Customize
Safe Bank Safe Stamina Logout
Haste on Spawn Haste on Refill
Auto Mount Safe Exori
Rusty Removers Armor/Legs Use Concentrated Demonic Blood
Hunt Fury/DT Floor Kill Fury/DT
Sell Items to Julius Collect Moonlight Rods
Collect Strange Helmets Hunt East Side
Hunt East Minus Hunt West Side
Kill 2 Vampire Bride Extra Spawns
Amazing Loot Counter by Sirmate Amazing HUD by Sirmate
And more not listed here…


Ultimate Health Potion
Great Health Potion
Mana Potion
Exura Ico
Utura Gran

Exori Hur
Exori Ico
Exori Gran
Exori Min
Utito Tempo

Access to Vengoth Castle
Cash in Bank
Hotkey F1-F12
Script Start in Depot Yalahar +1

  • Initial Release